Roll bars made to measure in your vehicle by appointment in our workshop. All vehicles for all categories with a few rare exceptions... Already more than 200 models of vehicles passed through our workshop.

    Standard structure respecting the FIA ​​standard (and/or FFSA) or structure approved by us with the FFSA. (list of our approvals click here)

    We also offer: NAJA three-dimensional control of your body before the work, lightening of the body, complete welding, sheet metal work, body reinforcements, installation of side supports for assistance stands... Do not hesitate to contact us. .

    Multitubular frames for all categories, it is best to contact us from the start of your project in order to take advantage of all our experience in this field.

    The main know-how of the company remains bending. We produce your parts according to your plans, if these are feasible in view of the materials used and our available tools. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

    Prototyping and modeling of your product before mass production, contact us.


    Find in this category all the products that we sell in raw parts: Arches and accessories.


    Ball joints: End caps / Bearings / Angle-joints ... Metric / Inch

    We are distributors of major brands:

    FLURO, German manufacturer of ball joint which has equipped in particular the Touaregs of Rally Raids, certified value for money. The MOTOR SPORT range also offers female rod ends and bushings with a reduced outside diameter.

    AURORA, competition series inch-size tips and pads.

    UNIBAL, world famous.

    FK BEARINGS, American brand.

    We also became a manufacturer of ball joints by force of circumstance, in fact we used at the time for the production of tubular wishbones the Rosebearing pivot ball joints from Peugeot Sport, once production was stopped, having not found an equivalent product, we we made the decision to make our own model by making some improvements, the PJ ball joints were born in 2009.

    All the accessories are available: Distance rings, low nuts, long-travel spacers, circlips, etc.

    Contact form for search of ball joints - click here -

  • aluminum parts

    ALU specialties: Tank / Recuperator / Sump guard, and their accessories.

    We custom make all your aluminum parts.

    For containers, we systematically check for leaks.

    Design, manufacture of all circuits: aero, flexible, rigid, etc.


    Front axles / rear axles ... and their accessories.

    Designed and made by us!

    Fully machine-welded front and rear axles.

    Putting on ball joints of the rear axle bearings or body bearings.

    Adjustable rear stub axles with a whole range of adjustment and centering shims.

    Custom stabilizer bars, simple or bladed.


    We are Beringer distributor, French manufacturer.

    We also carry out custom assemblies, design of brake caliper brackets, bowls, and floating or non-floating discs...

    Realizations of all circuits: Aero, flexible, rigid...


    All parts classified by brand, BERINGER, UNIBAL, RENAULT...

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